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 The custom nutrition plan  consists of a tailored, day to day plan to help you achieve your specific desired goal. Moodi will take notes using your responses to the questionnaire and you will have all the relevant content forwarded to you via email.

The Custom Nutrition Plan will outline all the foods Moodi recommends you consume and the times you should be consuming them. Portion sizes will also be analysed. In conjunction he will also note what foods compliment one another, as well as the ones that should never be combined. You would be surprised how 'good' foods can become 'bad' if combined incorrectly.

A review of supplementation (if necessary) will also take place.

Simply complete the questionnaire emailed to you once the order has been finalised and email it back to Based on your responses Moodi will structure a tailored nutritional regime as well as a supplementation schedule that will be sent to you via email.

Please Note:

  • Email responses may taken up to two weeks, however, in some cases Moodi will decide the urgency of the matter based on the notes left in your enquiry, and respond accordingly.
  • Further questions may be asked up until one week from the receipt of your Consultation, however please email one question at a time. 
  • We do NOT cater for health cover rebates.
  • You must be at least 18 years of age otherwise we require parental consent.

An alternate option is available, which involve a gender specific and detailed eating program and training plans available to purchase. 


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